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We keep your business fully efficient, compliant, and ready for action with expert STP services.

Jcorp Accountants work together with you to understand your needs before adopting and administering single touch payroll across your organization with our skilled staff, ever since Australia’s payroll has seen considerable changes. For firms with 20 or more employees, STP began on July 1, 2018, and for firms with 19 or fewer employees, it began on July 1, 2019. All such companies require to disclose precise salaries and superannuation information to the Australian Tax Office online each time they pay employees, and it has to be accurate & on time.

Our single touch payroll services are designed to help you in accordance with government guidelines and we prepare your payslip, assist you in achieving complete compliance with ATO regulations, and set you and your company up for STP as per your requirements. We ensure that you are completely compliant with the ATO’s laws and that you have all you need to run a successful business.

What Do We Offer?
  • Employee Taxes
  • Payroll Reporting & Governance
  • Payroll Process
  • Onboarding & Offboarding Process
  • Payroll Reconciliation & Payroll Employee Payment Summaries
  • ATO Payment Summary Lodgement
  • Payroll Advice, Complaint with ATO Regulations
  • Salary Review
  • Employee Superannuation Processing and Lodgement
  • Process Auto Superannuation Payments
  • Liaise with the ATO

Our experienced accountants are familiar with the Australian market and the many types of software used by business owners. So, if you are not yet set up for STP, we can transition you to STP in Xero single touch payroll services and make sure the transition is painless for the required changes to your current payroll procedure and system to become compliant. Contact us for more details and be STP ready today.

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