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Australian Business & Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The impact of COVID-19 on Australian businesses is unprecedented. Although the level and type of threats vary greatly across businesses, business owners need to rapidly assess their exposure and prepare response plans to ensure they can generate sufficient cash to survive.

To assist you in safeguarding your business, and keeping your business running, JCorp as advisers have developed a range of resources.

Dedicated to working closely with individuals and business owners to improve productivity, cash flow and importantly the life of those involved, JCorp Accountants have helped Businesses Pivot & consequently delivered results.

Business Planning & Development

Many business owners find it challenging to create an effective business plan. It’s often difficult to know where to start especially now with COVID-19, what to include in a plan, how detailed it needs to be. However, business planning is essential to know how to grow the business. Many business owners don’t know how to present their business in a favourable light. What’s more, poor or missing historical financial information and unclear assumptions toward future projections make it challenging to determine the real value of the business.

We partner with many businesses to help them accelerate growth. We are their sounding board and offer knowledge and expertise as an accomplished CEO holding them to the commitments and is their steadfast motivators. We will help to keep you focused on your goals to make sure they become a reality.

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