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Jcorp Accountants is an NDIS Plan Management provider who puts you in charge of your NDIS plan, making it simple to pay your bills on time and keep track of your budget and expenses.

Our NDIS Financial Management services are designed to help you focus on engaging the right services and suppliers for your particular situations by handling transfers, claimants, and NDIS Management Plan.

A plan planner is also responsible for providing you with documents that will help you navigate your plan successfully, such as monthly spending statements. We will also be associated with documentation and making payments or paying for services using the NDIS funding categories, and all activities according to NDIS guidelines. We’ll also keep track of your expenses and give you automated monthly operation statements so you can keep track of your savings and finances. In a nutshell, Jcorp Accountant makes balancing your NDIS routine and budget easy, allowing you to spend more time doing things you enjoy.

What Do We Offer?
  • Processing Invoices
  • Expense Claim
  • Paying the Service Provider
  • Record Maintenance
  • Fund Management
  • Managing payment of Invoices
  • Developing Monthly Statements
  • Managing Financial Queries
  • Liaising with NDIS

When you use Jcord Accountant’s NDIS fund planner, they are in charge of paying the service providers’ invoices. Should you have any questions, consult the NDIS team and avail of our NDIS Fund Management service.

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